Brian Funck is a film and television editor based in Boston. Recent projects include the three-part documentary series, My Brother's Bomber, which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism. He was an editor and co-producer of the FRONTLINE documentaries, Confronting ISIS (Peabody Award winner) and Chasing Heroin (Emmy nominated, Peabody finalist). Brian was also an editor on Happy Valley, which premiered at Sundance and won awards at the True/False and Sarasota Film Festivals. Recently, he was a contributing editor on Long Strange Trip, which was shortlisted for an Academy Award.

Brian is regularly involved in the heavy lifting stages of post-production: finding the story, combing interviews and transcripts, helping to create a workable structure. He's worked with and without a script, and with all manner of post-production teams. An experienced musician and music editor, he also frequently collaborates with directors and producers to select and edit a score that complements their films.

He lives in Cambridge, Mass., with his wife Sara Hendren and their three children. Photo by his seven-year-old son.