Before turning to editing in 1998, Brian was one-half of a singer-songwriter duo called Harrod & Funck. They released several recordings and performed all over the United States. Harrod & Funck also frequently played live on the streets and in the subways of Boston.


"Harrod & Funck are among the hottest acts on the local folk scene . . . [they] have built their careers quite literally from the underground up; singing in subway stops on the Red Line, on bustling corners in Harvard Square and Faneuil Hall . . . Tourists may think they are some sort of quaint Boston novelty, but fans of Boston's burgeoning young songwriter scene recognize at once that these are serious players."
—The Boston Globe

"They play acoustic music highlighted with tight, inventive harmonies. Like the best artists, they create a sound all their own."
—Performing Songwriter Magazine

"Not since Simon & Garfunkel has an acoustic duo stirred me as powerfully as Harrod & Funck."
—Metronome Magazine

"A hush fell over the subway station while they sang."
—Boston Magazine

"Live is ultimately the most successful Harrod & Funck CD at demonstrating why the two worked so well together . . . something special happened when these two talented guitarists played in a room together."