Bitter Rivals

Bitter Rivals

“As pure storytelling, Bitter Rivals is gripping stuff. It’s tightly edited, eye-filling and yet thoughtful, fast-paced, pensive and reflective. If John le Carré were to write a two-part, three-hour TV documentary about sectarian tensions on the Arabian Peninsula, it would look a lot like this. There are betrayals and broken confidences. Bitter Rivals is complex, and yet disarmingly simple when one least expects.”
—Alex Strachan, T.V. Worth Watching


FRONTLINE tells the epic, inside story of how a dangerous feud between Iran and Saudi Arabia has plunged the Middle East into unprecedented levels of violence - with exclusive, on-the-ground reporting from inside both countries as well as Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and Lebanon.


Producers: David Fanning, Martin Smith, Linda Hirsch
Co-Producer: Brian Funck