Confronting ISIS

Confronting ISIS

“It’s the kind of objective, distanced yet personal reporting FRONTLINE has earned a well-deserved reputation for. [Confronting ISIS] maps out in simple — but not simple-minded — terms what’s at stake, how we got here, where we go from here, and why it matters.”
—Alex Strachan, T.V. Worth Watching

“As the PBS FRONTLINE documentary presents exceptionally well, while politicians have grappled with the best course of action and attempted to implement halfheartedly conceived plans, cities in wide swaths of Syria and Iraq have been turned to rubble. . .With Confronting ISIS, FRONTLINE gives viewers a first-hand look at what is faced by whoever becomes commander-in-chief in November."
—Scott Hough, Inquisitr


FRONTLINE investigates the US-led efforts to degrade and destroy ISIS. Reporting from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Turkey, veteran FRONTLINE producer, Martin Smith, examines the successes, failures, and challenges of the fight. The two-hour program focuses on America’s anti-ISIS coalition partners and asks who is on board and who is not?


Director: Martin Smith
Producers: Martin Smith, Linda Hirsch
Co-Producer: Brian Funck
Editors: Brian Funck, Jen Brooks