Who Killed Malcolm X?

Who Killed Malcolm X?

“Netflix’s new six-part documentary Who Killed Malcolm X? has the internet buzzing.”
The Root

Who Killed Malcolm X? transcends the true-crime genre to become righteous, activist filmmaking.”

"Raises so many questions about two of the three men who were convicted of the 1965 murder, that it has prompted the Manhattan district attorney's office to take another look at the evidence."


More than 50 years after Malcolm X was gunned down at the height of his power and popularity, his death remains one of the nation’s most mysterious crimes, and his life is one of the most misunderstood among 20th century leaders. For the first time, Emmy and Peabody winning producers Rachel Dretzin and Phil Bertelsen, in association with Netflix and Fusion TV, tell the complete story of Malcolm’s life and assassination from every angle. Stunning, never-before-seen archival material, along with some of the story’s survivors in on-camera interviews provide the details. Plus, with an extensive look into declassified Malcolm X intelligence files, this series investigates the shocking details of one of the greatest leaders and unsolved crimes in recent American history.


Director / Series Producer: Phil Bertelsen
Director / Executive Producer: Rachel Dretzin
Producers: Shayla Harris, Nailah Sims
Lead Editor: Brian Funck
Editors: Kimberly Miille, Jason Pollard, Bryan Gunnar Cole, Jota Sosnowski